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Cookies policy

This Cookies Policy aims to provide the necessary information so that any user of the website can decide whether to allow the installation of the cookies used by this website and how to manage them. For this reason, we provide a series of basic notions whose knowledge we consider essential (what cookies are and what they can be used for, or how to deactivate or delete them) for any internet user, and we facilitate the identification of our cookies.

The information on the Cookies Policy of this website is provided through two layers: the first, a “notice” in the footer of the website, which warns of the installation of non-exempt cookies -describing their Purpose- in case of continuing navigation without modifying the browser configuration and a link to this Policy is provided so that the user can learn more about its content and operation, this being the second layer of information.

Our Cookies Policy is public and permanently accessible through the link provided on the website, called “Cookies”, which users can access to stay informed at all times.

This Cookies Policy can be updated at any time, as a consequence of a regulatory change or as a consequence of any change in the configuration of the cookies used.

This website may use cookies, and other similar technologies, to store and retrieve information from the terminal equipment of the users of its websites (hereinafter, collectively called “Cookies”).

Cookies are files or computer programs, sent to a browser through a web server, which store information on the user’s computer when accessing or browsing a website, and allow access to it after installation. In other words, they are pieces of information that a website installs on your device when you visit it. These devices may contain information about the browsing habits of users or the equipment on which they are installed, or can even be used to recognize the user.

Types of Cookies

There are different types of cookies depending on the purpose for which they are used. This website uses the following types of cookies:

APISID third party 2 years

Google Ads Optimization

CONSENT third party 20 years

Stores the user’s consent to the use of cookies

HSID third party 2 years

Fraud prevention through Google Ads.

Mailchimp_landing_site third pary 1


Stores the first page visited

mphb_session third party sessionn

Booking engine management

NID third party 6


Store Google Ads preferences

SAPISID third party 2 years

Google Ads Optimization

SID third party 2 years

Fraud prevention and security in Google Ads

SSID third party 2 years

Google Ads Optimization

tk_ai third party session

Creates a unique JetPack identifier

wordpress_test_cookie Sesion

This cookie is used for the WordPress content manager to check if the browser has cookies enabled.

You can obtain more information about third-party cookies at:


Google Plus / YouTube:

The cookies used by this website are anonymous and do not provide references that allow the user’s personal data to be deduced. The only non-anonymous cookies, that is, that allow the identification of the user, are those that the user voluntarily activates, and consequently authorizes their installation, when booking a room in our establishment.

Cookies management

If the user wishes to revoke the consent given, they must delete the installed cookies and, where appropriate, modify their preferences regarding the acceptance of cookies through their browser options. To prevent them from being installed in the future, you must activate the Private Browsing or “Do-Not-Track” options provided in your browser, that is, block or deactivate the installation of cookies.

To allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer or device by configuring the options of the browser installed on it, you must follow the instructions provided by the browser itself. Below we provide the links to configure the cookies of the most popular browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Delete and manage cookies
  • Mozilla Firefox: Delete Cookies; Prevent websites from saving your preferences or session states in Firefox
  • Google Chrome: How to manage cookies and site data
  • Opera: Cookies
  • Safari: Safari web settings


If you use any other browser, or the links provided do not contain the information you want, you can find out how to manage the cookies that are installed on your computer by accessing the “Options” or “Settings” -or equivalent- menu of the browser, or by consulting the “Help” or “Support” section of the browser itself.

There are browsers that allow you to configure specific rules -exceptions- to manage cookies by website, so that cookies can be disabled from all sites except those that are trusted.

In case of blocking or deactivating the use of ‘cookies’ in your browser, some services or functionalities of the website may not be available.

Remember that you must configure your preferences on all the devices you use to surf the internet.